Program Directors

Dorian Traube

PhD, LCSW, Director of Parents as Teachers @ USC Telehealth

Dorian Traube is an Associate Professor at the USC School of Social Work. Her research focuses on the prevention of risk taking behavior and mental health difficulties among children and adolescents. In particular, she is interested in applications of telehealth services to meet the needs of high-risk families with young children. She is currently the Principal Investigator of the Parents as Teachers @ USC Telehealth. This program adapts with fidelity the Parents as Teachers home visitation model of home visits, child screening, and group meetings to be delivered through video conferencing technology to reach more families in underserved communities and to provide more options for today’s tech-savvy parents. The emphasis of Parents as Teachers @ USC Telehealth’s work in Virtual Parenting Education is threefold: to develop, analyze, and guide interactive technology options for the home visiting and parenting education field. Dr. Traube is also the principal investigator of an evaluation of a telehealth program aimed at providing trauma focused mental health care to child welfare involved teens. Her work has been supported by the National Institutes of Health, the Children’s Bureau, Annie E. Casey Foundation, and the Overdeck Foundation.

Angela Rau

MS, Virtual Parenting Education Coordinator for the Parents as Teachers National Center

Angela Rau is support the Parent as Teachers @ USC Telehealth affiliate and acting as a Co-investigator for the program. She contributed to the design of the Parents as Teachers model. Her impact on over nearly 30 years with Parents as Teachers includes; Implementation of the Parent as Teachers model, Curriculum design and writing, Training design and facilitation, Professional development presentations, Affiliate consultations, and Trainer development.


Amanda Taylor


Amanda Taylor is the Project Assistant for Parents as Teachers @ USC Telehealth. She previously was a Parent Educator for the program during the completion of her MSW through USC. Amanda has worked with children of all ages and abilities. She has experience helping children with feeding and eating disorders, autism spectrum disorder, special needs, and disabilities. She also has experience using behavioral therapy and water therapy. Amanda’s child development and parenting interests include outdoor play and its impact on cognitive development, reading & development, and adoption & attachment.

Parent Educators


Military Service, Military Youth and Family Mentorship, Special Education, Early Childhood Education

Area of Study
Children, Youth, and Families

Child Development and Parenting Interests
Art Therapy, Education, School Readiness, Childhood Trauma

Favorite Quote
"We repeat what we don't repair."

Traveling, Cooking, Creating, Socializing


English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring, Mentoring youth and adolescence

Area of Study
Children, Youth and Families

Child Development and Parenting Interests
ESL, minority issues, ACES scores on overall development

Favorite Quote
"There is more to life than increasing its speed" Mahatma Gandhi

Keeping up with my 3 daughters, being outdoors, reading

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