Helping children learn, grow, and develop to realize their full potential.

Being a parent is hard work

In the first few years children learn more – and at a faster pace – than at any other time in life. Parents as Teachers helps you understand child development and connects you to the resources you need to make the best choices for your family.

We're here to help

Parents as Teachers at USC Telehealth is a free online parent education program. Families participate live online with certified parent educators using a computer, laptop, or tablet.

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How Parents as Teachers works

What to expect on each visit

Together on each visit, you'll examine and discuss the parenting challenges you face with one of our certified parent educators. A few of the topics we'll discuss include the following:

Examine Challenges

We'll look at your child’s development and talk to you about the parenting challenges you face.

Strengthen Foundations

We'll help you build strong protective factors to keep you, your child, and your family healthy, strong, and resilient.

Review Relationships

We'll discuss family dynamics impacting your child’s development, your parenting values, and family decisions.

See how it works

In this video, Dorian Traube provides an overview of the Parents as Teachers program along with a demonstration of how a lesson plan works with the participation of a mother and her child.
Be Ready to Parent

Parents as Teachers parents are more informed

With Parents as Teachers, you'll be more involved in your child’s education, connected to your child through play and reading time, and confident in your role as a parent.

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Personal visits

Meet live online for personal conversations with a parent educator to discuss parenting and ways to encourage your child’s development.

Group connections

Using the same online platform, parents will be able to get together live to learn and support each other through experiences that lead to growth as a parent.


Regular screenings in overall development, language, motor, social-emotional, cognitive, motor, and health will make sure your child is healthy, safe and developing on track.


Need more help or a special resource in your community? Your parent educator will make the introduction and connect you.

Completely free, forever valuable

Parents as Teachers at USC Telehealth is a completely free program, and through it, children who experience the program are end up healthier, score higher on kindergarten readiness tests, become better problem solvers, and more advanced in language and social development.
“Being a parent isn’t what I expected. You need to help them develop into their own little person, and I wouldn’t have known how to do it without Parents as Teachers.”

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